COTD: The Apple Car Needs WeatherTech Floor Mats Edition

(Image via WeatherTech, Martin Cathrae/Flickr)
(Image via WeatherTech, Martin Cathrae/Flickr)

Today Motor Trend released a vexingly misleading analysis of a hypothetical Apple Car. You guys had a few ideas about why.


So to break it down most concisely– Motor Trend gathered a group of experts to pontificate on what a car made by the Apple computer company might look like and be capable of. A interesting exercise, why not.

The main problem most of us had with their story was the way it was presented; which was to make it seem as though readers were going to get a look at the actual Apple car. If such a thing will ever exist.

Now those who have been reading car magazines since this whole “internet thing” was still a fad won’t need any more background to find today’s #COTD funny. But in case you don’t fall into that camp–

WeatherTech is company that makes rubberized floormats. You know, to save your car’s carpet from snow and dirt and everything else you track into the vehicle from outside. It’s also one of the longest-running advertisers in traditional automotive magazines.

Like, it might have been the only advertiser in traditional automotive magazines for a long time.

Now that you know that– here’s McMike’s assessment of why so many of us got tricked into reading about a few people’s ideas of what an Apple Car might look like:

“That was really desperate. WeatherTech must have threatened to pull their ads or something.”


Please clap.

And congratulate McMike on what has to be his tenth #COTD.

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Congratulations, Mr. McMike, on COTD! I would like to gift you with a 1966 Chevy Impala which this lovely lady will deliver as soon as she finds the floor mats for it.