COTD: Spooky Scary Edition

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The most famous automotive murderer is probably a Chrysler named Christine, supposedly the only supernaturally possessed 4-wheeled vehicle. But where there's smoke, there's fire.


When one considers the number of road deaths each year as a result of car "accidents," and the number of scary stories told around campfires, it's rather surprising that the two haven't crossed paths more frequently. Are cars really under our control or do they, sometimes, take matters into their own hands? (Wheels?)

Brian1321 explores the possibility today with his chilling, most-likely-true-despite-his-protestations, harrowing tale of a $300 BMW:

It was a cool October day, much like this one, well it was literally this one because I'm making this story up now but whatever. Mr Cleaver had just purchased a used BMW for a price he couldn't believe. He bought it for $300, the previous owner assured him the car was in perfect working order aside from one small quirk and non-functioning signals. Nothing to be worried about.

Mr Cleaver drove the car home with little fanfare other than a strange pulling whenever he approached a crosswalk. He wrote it off as the road paint pulling it in either direction and parked the car in his garage. As he walked into the house he swore he heard the sound of rolling tires. It was nothing, he continued inside to greet his wife and son.

"DADDY!" his son yelled, a look of joy on his face. "I missed you, lets go for a drive" Mr Cleaver said as he embraced his son. He pressed the button for auto-start on his new car and went to kiss his wife. His son, entranced by BMWs headlights, wandered into the garage. *CRUNCH* Mr Cleaver and his wife ran into the garage to see their poor son torn apart. His body pinned between the hood and the wall of the garage. The car had somehow popped out of park and crashed forward. It was a terrible accident.

Weeks went by, the Cleavers were devastated by the loss of their son. Mr Cleaver didn't go to work and Mrs Cleaver didnt make any sandwiches. It was awful, until the day they decided to visit their sons grave. Mr Cleaver started the car and waited for his wife to come out. 10 minutes went by, 15 minutes went by. He decided to wait in front of the house and threw the car into reverse. *CRUNCH* *CRUNCH* Mr Cleaver had heard that sound before. His heart sank as he jumped out of the car and saw his wifes crushed body beneath the tires. He openly wept as the police arrived.

Mr Cleaver was found guilty of the murder of his wife and young son. He was executed on a cold, sunless November morning. The car was sold at Police Auction to a nice young couple who had recently been married. They couldn't believe they got a BMW for only $300...

Terrifying. While I head home for a change of underwear heart, please write your most bloodcurdling stories in the comments below. It's not like I'm trying to sleep tonight or anything.

Photo Credit: Martin Sharman



Congratulations, Mr. Brian1321, on another COTD this week! I have for you a BMW which this lovely lady will bring to you very soon. Your scary story was superb!