Human perception is a strange thing; the interface between the concrete outside world and the dark swirl of consciousness is not a linear connection. There are attention-span glitches, distractions, and any number of mental oddities that interfere with a complete understanding. What I saw isn't what you saw but we both saw it.

Still, the battery of nerve endings and electrochemical connections that make up our senses remain one of the most complex and fantastic creations in the known universe. The machinery of smell and taste and vision is a dazzling thing, even if it's not always supremely reliable. As we enjoy this life and this world, we enjoy it because of these.

And it's best to enjoy it while you can, because like so much of this corporeal form the senses can wear away or get cut without warning, as CocheseUGA understands from his terrible insight into the condition of a Ferrari-driving pro baller:

I think we've missed out on why this is, and should be a story.

This shouldn't be a story about how Kobe Bryant bought a Ferrari. This shouldn't be a story about he paid $100k over markup. This shouldn't be a story about him buying a car in the midst of a very average Lakers season.

What this story should be about, and what should trouble Laker fans and Kobe fans alike, is what could be the beginnings of the end of a first-ballot HOF career:

Kobe is losing his hearing.

Because what the salesperson said was, 'This is better on the Ring.'

What Kobe heard was, 'This is better than a ring.'