COTD: R32 Skyline GT-R Edition

We in America have never enjoyed the lusty forbidden fruit that is the R32 Skyline GT-R. Ever since we saw it whup ass at Bathurst, we've been smitten.


That we can't buy one only makes us want it more. A couple of us turned up a few more stories of being held at arm's length while we talked up Ferrari's strong arm attitude to negative press.


When everyone wants what you have, you get to make the rules. It's not fair but it's how it works. Unless you have the resources to go around them or find an alternative you're stuck. Its the same reason why I had to go on picnics and other stupid stuff, she had the nicest boobies and I wanted to give them a review. I've since been blacklisted because I couldn't play the game anymore. I did the dog and pony show, I bent to her will and then I got tired of it and spoke up. Never again was I allowed access.

I am the Chris Harris of breasts.


I know that feeling. I write for Oyster Monthly and I've traveled around and met so many vendors, most of whom were more than willing to let me dip my feet in —literally — and sample their wares directly. No hassle. This last company was terrible. Just because their Himayalan-run farms have developed a reputation with their buyers, they feel that they can bully us journalists around, restricting our access to the product, controlling what we say about it. Finally, I got tired of them and told them to shove off — if they want to find someone else to hike all that blasted way up just to fawn over their wares, they can look for another patsy. I was never allowed on the farm again.

I am the Chris Harris of Rocky Mountain Oysters.


So I'm a writer for High Times. I'll go around, city to city on tips of where to find the best product.
Those guys in Miami, though, massively controlling. Normally you just get to one of the dealers' dealer's warehouse, pick out some buds, and go to town. Not in Miami, though. They have 'em already rolled for you. Can't even use your own papers.

Well, let's just say, one piece written, and I don't travel to Miami anymore.

Photo Credit: RBXplosive

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