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Other than when it turns into a driveway, when does a car stop being a car and turn into something else? When does a car become a toy?


It's hard to say a car is still a car when its job is no longer to transport you from one place to another. It's just sort of like a land-bound, enclosed jet ski. Is an Elise really so different from a snowmobile, or even a game of Pac Man? How much utility is needed for a car to be anything but a toy?

While we were toddler-testing the FR-S, one reader spoke for the voice of society saying that a sports car "is not a place for a baby," and that you should buy a minivan or small SUV once you have a child. Readers poured in to rebut this opinion, and the whole conversation is worth reading. Gamecat235 had a particularly keen view of the argument surrounding the utility of sports cars.

Also, you should give up your sports car the minute you;
grow up
get overweight
require more cargo capacity
move to Texas
become a responsible adult
get too tall
get too short
get married (but you can reacquire upon divorce)
think about having kids
have dogs
have more than one cat
need to tow anything
debate hybrid ownership

Did I miss anything?

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