COTD: Mazda Vs. GM Edition

Which is a better car company, Mazda or General Motors? Both have flirted with bankruptcy several times over the past few decades, both have built some wildly dull and fantastically exciting cars. So which is best?

It's been a while since we've had something of an inter-brand slugfest here on Jalopnik, and one of the strangest popped up while we were discussing why GM kicked one of their top designers to the curb.


The comparison started when Chasaboo (whose avatar is a Mazda logo) dissed GM. And everyone piled on to criticize him for hating on such a large, successful company when he likes such a small, unsuccessful company like Mazda. None were more succinct than teampenske3, who posted a shot of a Le Mans Corvette and "LOL." Straightsix9904 was slightly more elaborate.

As opposed to Mazda? Last I checked, Mazda got spanked by GM in terms of profitability, overall quality, and about everything else. The only thing Mazda does better is the compact sporty (MX-5).


So which company is better, the sometimes broke but always cool Mazda, or the periodically brilliant but often hopeless GM?

Photo Credit: Garret Voight

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