Jackass was an awesome show. Every person on the show was a complete goofball, and they all did dumb shit that could've got them killed. Great formula.

What was best about it was how much of a screw you it was to the super-safety conscious attitude kids had to suffer through in suburbia. The "don't try this at home" message that started every show was like a badge of honor.

While we were watching one man's submission tape to the vehicular Darwin Awards, Baber K. Khan and DasWauto discussed the merits of the clip's warning. The whole discussion was great, as you can see from this line in particular.

Sadly, it is almost a requirement because people, more-so in the States, will look for any reason to sue someone. So any video containing stunts like this without a disclaimer is not unlikely to get morons going after them in a pitiful attempt to get money out of it. Common sense should be the requirement, not disclaimers like these.