At a certain point, you'd rather listen to the "we can't play, but at least we're loud" band around the corner than whatever overproduced shit is on the radio. At a certain point, you just want to play garage rock yourself.

We have tons of beautiful, wonderful vacation ideas in the replies to our question about the ultimate gearhead vacation, but pauljones pointed out that sometimes the best trip is the one with the least "production," the one that takes the least out of you.

Any vacation is only as good as those that you share it with. Location is irrelevant; as long as getting there isn't too difficult. Time of year is irrelevant, as long as you're away from the rat race. The only thing that matters is the company you keep while on vacation. It's always key to have just the right company. You don't want a vacation with no company at all, to be sure. But, conversely, nor do you want a vacation where you're surrounded by a bunch of people. The whole point of a vacation is to get away from the large number of assclowns that you deal with on a daily basis; why deal with them in your down time?

Thus, my ultimate gearhead vacation spot is my own garage. Or, at least, it was when I had a garage. The garage always had one of the family cars in it, the motorcycles, most tools (automotive or otherwise) that you'd ever need, a minibar, a pool table, a jukebox, a victrolla, a 60" flat screen, surround sound, an Xbox 360, a Blu-Ray player, a sofa, and two recliners. Those things in and of themselves are fantastic company, but when I threw in having my best buddies, my dad, my brother, or my girlfriend with me, it was well and truly the ultimate vacation spot not only for gearheaded inclinations, but all-around relax-and-get-away-from-it-all inclinations. The fact that we lived just two miles of the beach in sunny SoCal didn't hurt, either.

So, yes, sing the praises of Monaco, Goodwood, such-and-such race venue, or such-and-such museum. As fine as they all are, nothing will ever match a proper garage as my ultimate gearhead vacation destination of choice.

Ironically, however, I now live in DC and have no garage. Oh well. If nothing else, I guess I have plenty of time to build up vacation days.