COTD: Flathead edition

The latest movie from hot rodder/filmmaker Brian Darwas arrives this summer to explore "The Sweet Sickness," chronicling the devotion for the original hot rod engine, the Ford flathead V8. Ford's more modern problems drew a host of comments, including this one from MaWeiTao about the responsibilities of a global economy:

The problem isn't that things are made in China. It's that American companies don't take responsibility for the products they have manufactured in China. There are companies having high quality products made there, but they do what's necessary to ensure consistent quality.

But then, why are Americans having manufacturing done in China? To cut costs of course. Which means they aren't concerned with things like quality. They're not going to do anything that adds expense. They basically send over some schematics and tell them to build it. If it's crap, they don't really care until called on it.

I've noticed this trend with American companies. Something comes from China with defects and these American companies absolve themselves of any responsibility by blaming the Chinese manufacturer.

"Those wacky Chinese are at it again!"

It's your own damn fault. You should have been on top of what the manufacturer was doing. These companies need to be held more directly responsible for the crap their Chinese manufacturers are building.


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Congratulations, Mr. MaWeiTao, on COTD! My award to you is a lovely hot rod, made in....I don't know where. This lovely lady, whose shoes were made in China, will deliver it to you very soon.