COTD: Archibald Leach edition

What's in a name? What causes us to identify with certain syllables? The psychology may not be easy to deduce, but when audiences first heard the name Cary Grant they just somehow knew. Unfortunately, it's not usually that easy.

Today's take on the Name Game comes from GrannyShifter, whose description of the people (superficial and/or crazy) and process (does it stick? try again) involved with this delicate marketing procedure — here, with the inscrutably-named Subaru BRZ — is probably truer than most consultants would like their clients to believe:

Guy who named Jerry Dorsey Engelbert Humperdinck: This car needs a name. Something flashy that the kids will like. What about BOB?

Subaru Marketing Manager: No, I don't like that.

Guy who named Jerry Dorsey Engelbert Humperdinck: Well then, what about BBQ? BBC? BBY? BSY? BRA? BRB? B7 Tribeca? BRZ? BRO?

Subaru Marketing Manager: Wait, what was that last one?


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