Subaru BRZ: The Real Deal

Remember when we told you the Subaru BRZ STI Concept actually isn't what the real car's going to look like? Toyota's little pet automaker's just proved it by releasing this teaser image of the Subaru BRZ in its production sheet metal.


We're all so hungry for content automakers can show us contradictory information and we'll just thank 'em for it by publishing it. For instance, we will simultaneously be reporting on the BRZ STI concept in LA while knowing, thanks to Subaru's fervent press release posting, that the long rectangular foglights on the BRZ STI will be round on the production model introduced in Tokyo a few weeks later.

And that's just one of the many changes we should expect to see from the real deal.

Not like it matters so long as the Subieyota really has a 300-hp-ish boxer under the hood, keeps the weight down, and powers the rear wheels. Hell, they can build it naked for all we care.

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