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You can keep your tickets to Tahiti, because we're booking our next flight to the overpriced green fields of Cheshire and we have a good reason why.


While we hear nothing but the best about the Goodwood Festival of Speed, we have a burning desire to watch the turbocharged ponies run when Group B rally has a two-day reprise in late August. It turns out freds4hb does too.

Tickets to Chesire $1000.00

Tickets to Rally (it's rally, FREE!)

Camping gear
More Beer
Esoteric 80's Renault shirt.
Handheld radio.
Zoom DSLR (yes video mode and a shotgun mic!)
helmet, HANs, and firesuit (you never know if you're needed to fill in!)

Wait a sec, is this a cross post from the QOTD??

Photo Credit: Brian Wotherspoon


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