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"When you're thinking you're just going to give a guy a warning and — next thing you know — you're doing chest compression in the middle of rush-hour traffic. It's a little overwhelming," is how a Maine police officer described a recent traffic stop that did not go as expected.


WMTW 8 News reports that officer Michael Harrington pulled over 84-year-old Gavin Falconer (pictured above, right) in Kennebruck, Maine, on Saturday for speeding. Mr. Falconer handed over his license and registration and then suffered a heart attack, slumping in his seat.

Officer Harrington was in the middle of writing Mr. Falconer a warning, but quickly administered CPR. A second officer later arrived with a defibrillator, and Mr. Falconer ended up alright.


Either the cop totally saved this old guy's life, or that old man has figured out the new best way to get out of a speeding ticket.

Photo Credit: WMTW 8 News

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