Cop Lucky To Be Alive After Patrol Car Rammed By Woman In Stolen Monster-Like SUV

Oklahoma Master Patrol Officer Matt Stacy is very, very lucky to be alive after his patrol car, with him standing by its open door, was rammed by a 41-year-old woman in a stolen Infiniti QX80. Officer Stacy’s body camera captured the whole thing, and it’s pretty alarming.

The driver is Stacy Bunsey, and that’s her mugshot up there, covered with what I suspect may be Sharpie-applied tattoos, though I admit I’m not entirely certain. Bunsey stole the 6,000 pounds of ugly that Infiniti calls an SUV from a dealership, and took police on a chase, tracked by GPS.


The chase ended as Bunsey turned into an elementary school parking lot (legally, I’m not sure kids under 10 are allowed to look directly at the QX80) and Officer Stacy arrived, planning to deploy spike strips in hopes of stopping the stolen SUV.

Bunsey instead rapidly turned around and started driving directly at the policeman’s car. Officer Stacy stepped out of the car, and, rapidly realizing that he’s not going to have time to get those spike strips, fired his gun twice before the Infiniti rammed into him.

In the end, Officer Stacy’s bullets didn’t do anything—one hit the SUV’s hood, one hit his own A-pillar. Bunsey did a decent job improving the look of the Infiniti’s front end, but also destroyed the police car. Incredibly, Officer Stacy was able to avoid the worst of the impact and suffered no serious injuries.

Bunsey was finally apprehended after another police officer climbed on top of the car and tasered her through the sunroof, which I suspect must have shattered in the impact, because who does crazy shit like this with the sunroof open?

Bunsey was charged—along with the expected possession of a stolen vehicle, eluding a police officer, assault and battery with a deadly weapon on a police officer, and resisting arrest—with a DUI charge. I’m stunned.

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I thought shooting a car always worked...