Convertible Prius Aims For Economy And Style, Misses

Though we found the Cadillac CTS Convertible to be rather fetching, it didn't stand up to some of the four-door convertibles our industrious commentariat located. That being said, we're a little disappointed none of you found this Prius by NCE, which is both a hybrid and a four-door convertible. We're curious to see what kind of fuel economy this things get, as convertibles tend to ruin the carefully crafted, low-resistance shells of other cars.


Not to mention the weight of that soft top and the other necessary pieces probably has to do a number on mileage as well. Most importantly, while the idea of a hybrid convertible doesn't necessarily have to be a bad idea, it doesn't suit the Prius. This is more like a roofless car than a convertible. This is the automotive equivalent of asking Fall Out Boy to guest on your hip hop album. [Winding Road via eGMCarTech]

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