You Wanna Drive A Cadillac CTS Convertible, Expect To Pay The Consequences

Retired? Living in Florida? Coach Builders Inc. has the car for you. Perhaps tired of seeing our treasured senior citizens driving around in those awful Sebring verts, the company now offers a conversion that chops the top off the popular Cadillac CTS. While GM is planning a 2010 Cadillac CTS Coupe and CTS Wagon, CBI is giving the well-aged people exactly what they want. Of course, getting what you want always comes with a price.


In this case, the cost of replacing the roof with full convertible top and living your sun-touched dreams is $19K over the price of the car. For this you get the hydraulic padded roof that includes such touches as a heated glass rear window. Conversion time is 8 weeks so you'd better have some time on your hands as well as an extra stash of green. The best features is that the car retains its four doors, something rare for a convertible in this class. [CBI via InsideLine]

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