Convert Doubters Into Believers With The 1985 Toyota Corolla AE86

Toyota's "Doubting Thomas's" were back to their weird murmuring ways for 1985. This time however they traded their trench coats in for sport wear and Toyota had traded in the mundane 1984 Corolla for a vehicle that was actually capable of changing some minds.


Although the rear wheel drive AE86 Corolla was first introduced to America in 1983, it took another two years before Toyota decided to use it to change the minds of a long line of people inexplicably standing along a dirt road in this vintage advertisement.

Unlike the run-of-the-mill Corolla, the AE86 delivered its 87 horsepower (112hp in new-for-1985 GT-S form) to the rear wheels which resulted in an actually sporty car that was affordable. Understandably, after seeing the AE86 drift through a few corners even those who don't believe "anything you tell them about cars" were transformed from "Doubting Thomas's" into enthusiastic Toyota fans wearing "sporty" coats.



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