Change everyone's mind in the 1984 Toyota Corolla

Behold the "Doubting Thomases", they line the street wearing trench coats murmuring no in a creepy manner. If that wasn't bad enough, they don't believe anything you tell them about cars.


That is of course until they laid eyes on the 1984 Toyota Corolla. We always thought the '84 Corolla was a car too bland to have an opinion about, let alone change a doubter into a believer. Clearly Toyota would have you believe otherwise.

All it took for these weirdos in trench coats to change their mind was a peak at how Corolla manages to give so much for so little. By the end of this commercial they're chanting we believe and jumping for joy in an equally strange but slightly less creepy manner.

Call us a doubting whoever, but we're guessing the only time anyone ever had a reaction like this to an 1984 Corolla is in this vintage commercial.


Blue 2000

I doubt that the Corolla actually got 47mpg highway like it says in the commercial