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Contractor Hired To Remove Louisiana Confederate Monuments Finds His Lambo Burned To The Ground

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Just a few days ago, David Mahler had his contracting company quit the agreements with the state of Louisiana to remove Confederate monuments, citing death threats and threatening calls to his home. It seems like quitting wasn’t enough for some disturbed people, as his Lamborghini was found burned to the ground this morning.

TV station WDSU reports there’s almost nothing left of the $200,000 Lamborghini Huracan, just four, tire-less wheels surrounding a pile of ash and some surprisingly durable seat frames.


Someone who saw the streamers-in-the-wind liveried Huracan at a Baton Rouge Cars and Coffee recently posted this before-and-after image:



While there are no suspects just yet, the circumstances surrounding the burned car have led to the incident being described as “extremely suspicious.”

The car was parked at the lot of Mahler’s contracting company, H&O Investments, which has been receiving threats and calls on social media for other companies to stop doing business with them as a result of H&O taking the contract to remove four Confederate monuments in Baton Rouge.

Look, the Confederacy lost. It’s not going to “rise again,” especially if the supporters of the losing side of the Civil War can’t understand this all-important, fundamental law of civilized humankind:

You don’t fuck with a man’s ride.

Hopefully, the investigation will find the carsonists, and justice will be served, giving them some time to think about how to be less touchy about a war that’s been lost and over for well over a century and a half.


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