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In what is probably one of the greatest press communications ever issued, Alan Galbraith, the brains behind Billettproof, has let us know the first Concours D'Ignorance will have to wait another year. We're a bit disappointed that we have to wait until 2009 to celebrate the eye-gougingly bad in automotive history, but for truly perfected automotive terribleness, we will happily endure. Also, the eyebrows perk up when we see Alan mention the name of fair Flint, MI. Could he actually be eyeballing Michigan's armpit as a midwest location? We certainly hope so. Aforementioned press communique below the fold.

Dear friends of d'Ignorance, Thank you so much for your support so far in our effort to highlight the Mundane and truly Awful of the Automotive world. We have decided to wait until 2009 to inflict our show upon the automotive world. Flint Michigan was not built in a day and neither is a first rate Concours. With my grueling and ever expanding Billetproof schedule I simply did not have the time to pull together a show truly awful enough to do the bottom rung of the automotive world justice in 2008. The Concours d'Ignorance will have a presence on the Monterey Peninsula this year, so keep an eye out for something awful. We will be conducting a brand awareness campaign here and there at many of the car shows during the week. The show in 2009 will be something that even the designer of the Pontiac Aztec could be proud of. Just you wait and see.


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