Concours D'Ignorance May Be Greatest Idea In Auto Show History

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Does the world really need an anti-Concours D'Elegance, something to celebrate everything horribly spectacular in the automobile world? Yes, yes, and yes! The genius behind the Billetproof car show (which will be happening in Davisburg, Michigan this weekend), Alan Galbraith, is at it again and proposing a new show to celebrate all that we Jalops hold dear — terrible, awful, laughably malaise-tastic and yet completely lovable cars from the past. Have a Gremlin, a Lebaron, or perhaps a Mustang II? You'll fit right in with this crowd of automotive offal. The greatest part so far — Alan has no idea when or where or how it's going to work. But we have a few ideas we'd like to pitch.


If this is going to be a celebration of all thing automotively tragic and the antithesis of Pebble Beach, we suggest holding it in Flint, Michigan, at the 235-acre concrete field formerly known as Buick City. Major sponsors should include Marvel Mystery Oil, Valvoline High-Mileage products, Bondo, JB Weld, WD40 and Spam. It should be held during the most terrifyingly hot days of August for maximum beater overheating, and all car fires should be extinguished by pushing the flaming lump into the concrete trough that is the Flint River. Oh yes, this is a good idea. (Thanks for the tip Tomsk) [Autoweek]

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@slantsick: Oh, that Blue Thing. If I'm not mistaken, but isn't that a 1976 Opel by Isuzu? This thing is an old Opel Kadette (The same chassis that was used in the Chevette) built by Isuzu, and replaced the Opel Manta in Buick showrooms after 1975. I had a freind who used to own one, in Apple Green (I called it Lime, and it was bright) with a white interior. Boy does that take me back.