Conan O'Brien Loaned Bugatti Veyron For Free

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As we first reported, the $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron used on the Tonight Show was actually loaned to Conan O'Brien for free. According to the museum, it's now so famous they may move it to their Hollywood wing.

The Bugatti Veyron, though expensive and owned by Petersen museum founder Bob Petersen, wasn't famous for any particular reason other than being a Bugatti Veyron. This all changed when the Veyron appeared in the now-famous Late Night Wars sketch where Conan claimed to be spending $1.5 million of NBC's money because he knew his firing was imminent.


According to collections manager Tom Kenney, the vehicle was actually freely loaned to the show and Conan merely arranged for transport from one location to another. This makes the joking claim of the skit costing over a million dollars just another joke. What wasn't funny was his use of "Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones as the theme song as it's the probable reason NBC pulled the segment from the Internet.

The übercar is back home in the collection but it may move into the Hollywood wing given all the attention. "We have a Hollywood gallery, and previously to this it wouldn't be able to go there but now [the sketch] opens up other avenues. "

The museum is uncertain if it will rebrand the car as the "Conan car" but they acknowledge "it's very important for certain audiences."


We're sure Team CoCo fans will make many pilgrimages there on the ill-fated Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien Burbank tour.

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Regardless of how funny you think Conan is he did get screwed over by NBC. I imagine that everyone here would hate it if their boss retired and left the job to you and they came back to reclaim it. Leno should piss off and retire as he intended. He's such a tosser....

(Yeah I'm mad at the situation.)