NBC Pulls Conan's Crazy Expensive Bugatti Clip Off Internet

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NBC pulled Conan O'Brien's devious Bugatti Veyron Mouse sketch from last night's "full episode" replay of the Tonight Show on NBC.com and Hulu — apparently unwilling to pay royalties for Conan's "crazy expensive" car-starring sketch. Video evidence below.

As if renting (there's no way he actually paid to buy it) and rolling out a mouse-costumed $1.5 million Bugatti Veyron wasn't already an extravagance, playing the original Rolling Stones recording of "Satisfaction" on top of it certainly costs a pretty penny for each time it airs. Howver, don't expect that to happen.


We just went to NBC.com and Hulu to watch last night's horribly mislabeled "Full Episode" and we found a lead-in skit about the hamsters and then... commercial!

When you get back from the commercial they jump to the first guest, Adam Sandler, who even jokes "That song cost some money." What song, Adam? What song?

The clip is clearly missing, but you can still see video of the Bugatti Veyron Mouse sketch right here. (Hat tip to everyone who sent us this!)

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