Conan O'Brien's $1.5 Million Bugatti Veyron Mouse

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Conan O'Brien introduced the Bugatti Veyron Mouse as a new Tonight Show character Thursday night, not because it was funny, but because it was "crazy expensive" for NBC. To be funny he'd have to crash it into a lake. UPDATED!

UPDATE: You don't just find a Bugatti Veyron while stumbling about on the street like a late night talk show host with a microphone searching for blondes. Curious where Conan O'Brien found the Bugatti Veyron for the sketch?


UPDATE 2: Good thing you came here to watch this clip. If you went to Hulu or you'd find Jeff Zucker's pulled the clip out of the "full episode" just like he pulled the rug out from under Top Gear USA.

UPDATE 3: It turns out we were right all along, Conan's Veyron Mouse was loaned to the show by the Petersen Museum.


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The one thing that has torn me apart about all of this is that Leno is the ultimate car guy. I think Conan is funnier because I'm under the age of 65, but I can't quite hate on Leno because that's exactly how I would spend my money if I had that much. I just have to wonder what car he still wants to buy that's making him pull a Brett Favre and stick around longer than he should.