Commenter Of The Day: Zubaz Pants Edition

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One of the least enduring but most memorable fashions from the early 1990s has to be Zubas. The brightly colored, garishly patterned and loose-fitting pants were designed by a pair of Minnesota's finest bodybuilders as a comfortable weight-lifting pantaloons. The design took flight, rocked by no less than M.C. Hammer himself, and the company sold more than $100 million products in 1991 alone. Unfortunately for them, tastes improved and the business went bankrupt in 1996. Twitter may likely outlast the Vue-ick, but Maymar wonders if it'll outlive Zubaz pants as a trend.


It seems utterly befitting that one stupid trend kills another. Now maybe someone will put out a bland Autotuned song about how much they despise Twitter.


I'm going to go write about this on my tumblr blog.

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Al Navarro


Wow. A big day.

One reason being that I just finished the most rimdonkulous task that no one asked for...I commented on every comment in the most commented on post of the day.

See for yourself here:


Please go over there to read it over again tonight. Because that was a lot of work.

And actually, there is a point to it. [REDACTED] recently suggested that I feel free to point out good and bad comments with more frequency. And while I usually read every post with 100 or less comments every day since 2.0 (or is it 3.0?) not counting weekends and vacation time, I generally avoid the super-heavily commented on ones because they take too much time. So I flipped it around for the day.

FWIW, I think GIC and and Maymar were neck and neck for this one. But hey, someone's got to be in second place.

Over and out for tonight.

-Al Navarro