Commenter Of The Day: Zach Braff Feels More Than You Edition

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Though we're still big fans of the first 4.6 seasons and selected episodes from the remaining seasons of Scrubs, there's something about that Zach Braff fellow that rubs us the wrong way. Maybe it's the insistence on being a beacon of indie music that many, many people have already heard. Maybe it's Garden State and its captivating trailer followed by its seriously half-rate viewer experience. Or, maybe, it's the combination of the two that left me having to explain to a kid that, yes, I do like The Shins, but no, the Garden State soundtrack is not the greatest movie soundtrack in history. It wasn't even the best soundtrack to come out that year (The Life Aquatic and Kill Bill Vol. 2 were arguably better). Nevertheless, the story suggested by Cyclopticgaze as a response to our product placement plot QOTD is something we'd watch.

Quad Latte: Zach Braff is a Vespa-driving barista living in Brooklyn, when, one day, unconvincingly young ad-exec Rachel Bilson climbs out of her Prius and into his coffee shop. Can his espresso melt her icy heart? Who gets more MPG? And why does the soundtrack feature so many Death Cab for Cutie songs?


You've got to spend some time... love, you've got to spend some time... DAMNIT!

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Jeff Glucker

@Maymar - now with 37% less anonymity: the name came from a friend who called me Fat Braff... I resemble Zach Braff when my hair is longer.