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The brief description of Christian Slater's new NBC show makes us realize that any show can get the green light these days as long as it has the right product placement. It's a pretty simple formula, actually. Take one famous actor (Christian Slater), add a car (2010 Camaro SS) and one crazy plot twist involving a government agency (he leads a double life) and you've got profit. That's also the plot to Knight Rider, basically. Surely, we can come up with a better auto product placement plot.


There's also a variation of this, the My Mother The Car-paradigm, which involves a car becoming possessed with the soul of another. Here are two of our ideas to get you started:

Tom Cruise has a Chevy Cobalt and delivers pizza by day, but by night he's a courier for a secret government agency

Picking Up
Tina Fey is a liberal congresswoman who inherits a Ford F-350 from her great uncle. His soul is trapped in the truck and he teaches her about Southern culture.


We're sure all of you, with your devious and creative minds, can come up with something better.

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