Of the great/bizarre ideas from the mind of Buckminster Fuller, and there are many we love, Triton City has to be near the top of our favorites. Realizing urban overcrowding was going to become an issue, he proposed building floating barge cities adjacent to places like Tokyo or New York. The buildings would be multi-purpose, mixed use developments complete with entertainment, recreation, dining, and other facilities. Though no one has built Triton City, the concept of mixed use developments eventually became very popular and even LBJ had a model built for himself. It's a small amount of government patronage when compared to the $465 million Tesla is getting. On the other hand, leavethegun-takethecannoli points out this isn't a new trend.

I guess I should have ordered that book from Matt Lesko. He said the government would give me anything I want. I thought it was a scam. Elon Musk knew better.

Damn you Matthew Lesko!

Maybe you should dress up in a suit of stars and challenge him to a duel.

Photo Credit: Popular Mechanics