How hard would it be today to get Ferrari, Ford and Chevy to agree to let their models endorse the same company in a single commercial? The coveted "triple endorsement" gave Shell Oil the edge among race cars, whether they were a Chaparral or a '67 Mercury Cougar. Meanwhile, Cheeseslap was scolded for driving his ACR in the snow laid out his own kind of triple endorsement when it comes to Neko Case's '67 Cougar:

I would totally put my footprints on her Cougar. And by footprints, I mean "self." And by Cougar, I mean "everything."

The problem with that is that being a tenacious frontwoman, my alpha-male advances would probably be massively combated. And by tenacious frontwoman, I mean "married man". And by combated, I mean, "damaging in divorce court."

But I've got dreams. And by dreams, I mean "a monthly payment on a minivan."


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