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Put Your Footprints On Neko Case's '67 Cougar

Illustration for article titled Put Your Footprints On Neko Cases 67 Cougar

Singer Neko Case became a favorite 'round these parts when she posed on top of a 1967 Mercury Cougar for the cover of her "Middle Cyclone" album. Now she's raffling it off for charity, footprints and all.


Dubbed "Neko Case's Mercury Cougar-Rama Muscle Car-Splosion," Case will raffle off the Cougar to benefit the 826 National project, the educational writing group founded by author Dave Eggers. Case made a video highlighting the Cougar — which she named "Angie Dickinson" — showing its sterling condition, original paint and general lack of typical alt-rock chanteuse damage. Tickets can be bought here starting at $45; if you're the lucky winner, just don't drown changing the oil. (H/t to Jesse!)

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She looks kinda nuts.