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There are numerous rhetorical devices politicians use to obscure or avoid the truth. One of them is the old "vacuous truth," wherein the true statement has no meaning. For instance, a candidate for sheriff in Texas once accused the incumbent sheriff of being derelict in his duties for not arresting a single communist, despite the fact that there were no communists to arrest. Another tactic is the assertion of a fact that has to be true because you're presenting two ideas with the same meaning, known as a "tautology." George H. W. Bush once famously remarked "It's no exaggeration to say the undecideds could go one way or the other." In Ray Ray's post about the 2010 Ford Mustang SVO, a few people complained that people don't buy muscle cars for fuel economy. To the haters, DCulberson had this to say:

Anybody crying "malaise 2" in response to a 300hp 4-cylinder instantly goes in the "fucking idiot" book.

Malaise involved Corvettes with big blocks putting out 200hp. Adding a 300hp 4-cylinder option to the Mustang lineup would be genius. Unlike what some of you no-never-don't-change-anything Nancies think, choice is good, and having another option would increase the Mustang's sales.

"Nobody buys a Mustang for the mileage" - Well of course not, because it's not any good right now! If a Mustang got 30mpg, and someone was shopping for sporty-but-efficient (ala Miata, Mini, etc) then the Mustang would suddenly be on their list.

I fail to see why another awesome engine option would be a bad thing.

Seriously, I would walk right over to my ATM machine and get the money for a down payment. [DenverTVGuy]


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