Sometimes we wonder why automakers are so risk averse. Why don't they take a little gamble? Why don't they bring in some fresh ideas? Why don't they bet $1 that Eddie Murphy can't run their company better than Dan Akroyd can? Maybe stos is just the kind of street-wise risk-taker Ford needs, someone who's got plenty to learn but plenty to teach also. Take, for instance, the 62 mpg Ford Fiesta diesel. Surely it doesn't make sense to bring a simple, economical, desirable car stateside. Or does it?


With the ability to take a set-in-stone corporate policy and put a slight twist on it, stos might just be the man for the job.

Only Ford would do something like "we have the capacity to build a 60+ mpg car, but we are just gonna leave well enough alone. Can I interest you in a Tarus? It looks like ass!"

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