Diesel Ford Fiesta Smokes Prius, Gets 62.5 MPG

Illustration for article titled Diesel Ford Fiesta Smokes Prius, Gets 62.5 MPG

Talk about having the right product in the wrong place. Ford will be debuting a version of the new as-of-now Euro-only Ford Fiesta Econetic at the British Motor Show later this month equipped with a miserly 89 HP, 1.6-liter TDCi turbodiesel engine. How miserly? It's good for 75 MPG in imperial gallons, which gives it a Prius-smoking 62.5 MPG here in the US of A. Something tells us Ford would have no problem selling a few of them here, considering the tectonic shift towards smaller, more fuel-efficient cars we saw evidence of yesterday. No word on US availability of the Econetic when the Fiesta hits our shores as a 2010 model, but it's a fair wager Mulally and Co. are mulling it over.





My car is delivering 26mpg at $3.92/gal. At 62mpg, diesel could go past $9.30/gal and I'd still be paying less per mile.

What's the holdup, Ford? I'll buy one on Monday if you can get it here.

Besides, I love the prospect of brewing my own biodiesel and further reducing my fuel costs. Eat that, OPEC.

Oh, wait - somebody already did eat it. That's why it's waste veggie oil. Okay, carry on.