Commenter of the Day: The Old Ways Are Often the Best Ways Edition

As long as I'll live, and despite all my numerous other problems, I'll never be accused of being conservative. About anything. Save for a rainy day? I live in Los Angeles, what's the point? "But Mom, I'm telling you — Kucinich has a point." In fact, after driving Honda's FCX Clarity I am totally looking forward to embracing our new hydrogen overlords. What? A car guy in favor of letting the internal combustion engine go the way of the fuel that powers them? Yeah, that's me. However, I am but a human being. And a red blooded one at that.


Today's winning Commenter is lascauxcaveman. Earlier today, Dr. Siler alerted us to the possibility that Spyker is considering dumping Audi motivators in favor of good old American Steel/Aluminum/Titanium and or Sodium. Maybe an LS7, or maybe even the 510 cubic inch V10 out of the Viper. I mean, as much as we love the Z06, if you're going to buy a Spyker, you might as well get an 8.4-liter Spyker right? But then again, the LS7 is light. And a cinch to mod. You know, we're realizing that this argument could go on all day. So here's lascauxcaveman's comment:

When Bruce is not enough.

Pushrods (possibly) uber alles, baby.

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