Spyker Considers American Power

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Motor Authority reports that troubled Dutch supercar manufacturer Spyker could be considering a switch to American powerplants. The company currently sources its V8 from Audi and was planning to use VW's 6.0 W12 for its forthcoming D12 super SUV. Due to the weak dollar, the LS7 V8 and new 600bhp Viper engine must look incredibly attractive. The company's new CEO, Victor Muller is also reportedly dissatisfied with the Audi V8's relatively low power output.


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It's a sporty car for sure, but that pleated orange interior looks like the inside of a coffin. I can see how using U.S. made big block would be nice, no development costs, warranty and it can be taken into any dealer for U.S. buyers. The dollar is weak now, but it won't always be that way, but either motors mentioned will really lay some smack down compared to what they are using now. The back end is the only thing that really looks tacked on, not great.