Today's very special Commenter might have just pulled off some web 3.0 shit. We're not totally sure, but regardless we totally like it. Actually, we've always been obsessed with strange loops — where one system (say grammar) fights with another (say logic). For instance, check this out, "The following sentence is true. The preceding sentence is false." Grammatically it works, but logically it's meaningless. Want to read more about strange loops, isomorphisms and men from Crete? Pick up Douglas Hofstadter's most excellent, Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. Want to find out who's the Commenter of the Day? Jump.

OK, so first of all, here is the Comment, from Goatrope:

"Hey you dumbass!! It's an "R8" not an "A8"! Even Motor Trend readers know that!"

The comment is from the Motor Trend breaking the GT-R embargo post. Mr. Goatrope was responding to another comment that confused the Audi R8 super-ish car with the more upper-middle management A8 4-door saloon. Here's that one:

"Any car which lessens the demand for the Audi A8 while simultaneously increasing the A8's first year depreciation earns my support."

And who was the commenter that confused the two Audis? Goatrope.