Nissan GT-R Revealed Thanks To The Help Of Motor Trend

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Wow, that's one big and clear shot of the new Nissan GT-R on the December issue of Motor Trend (whatever happened to the fall by the way? We mean, come on, it's December already?) — on newsstands now. We'd like to show you more, but we guess we'll have to wait until the Tokyo Auto Show as it would appear Nissan doesn't care so much about web people. But we can give you details on pricing and the 3.5 second 0-60 time after the jump.

Nissan's all new GT-R super-coupe has been revealed with the early release of the December issue of MotorTrend. The tagline on the magazine's cover claims the car is as fast as the Porsche 911 Turbo and is priced less than $80,000, confirming rumors the new GT-R will set a new standard in bang-for-your-buck comparisons.

Other details include the GT-R's acceleration time of 3.5 seconds for the 0-60mph and 11.7 seconds for the quarter mile. Top speed is claimed to be a staggering 192mph.

[MotorAuthority via Motor Trend]

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@Uncle_Bo: Considering how many people play video games nowadays that whole "only in video games" thing is still quite a lot of people.

And only wealthy people can afford an $80K sports car anyway, so what does it matter to you if it's computer geeks or asian kids spending their parents' money?