Commenter of the Day: Soichiro Honda Edition

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A funny thing happened at the LA Auto Show. I ran into a bunch of folks from various OEMs that had spent the last few months in Washington DC lobbying against higher CAFE standards. The lone exception was Honda. Yeah, they had people bribing lobbying Congress, but the Honda folks were asking for higher CAFE standards. And sure, Honda is poised to benefit big time from a 35 mpg corporate average. Even including Acura they have no rear-wheel drive vehicles (though a new NSX would change that... Update: and I totally forgot about the S2000). Plus they got the Fit, hybrids, new clean-diesel technology and of course the hydrogen powered Clarity. Mr. Honda was fond of saying that an engineer is lucky when he encounters a problem, because he then gets to solve it. As such, we present today's winning Commenter.

Hardigree popped open a worm can when he reported that President Bush — who has previously admitted that we are addicted to foreign oil — is probably going to to veto 35 mpg standards. This led Electoral College Dropout to muse:

Just like the catalytic converter would kill the auto industry, just like the seat belt was going to kill the auto industry, just like the air bag was going to kill the auto industry, just like...

If raising fuel economy to the levels of every other industrial nation is going to kill off the American auto industry maybe they should have been dead years ago.


We'll end it by asking, "What Would Soichiro Honda Do?"

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I notice that nobody references the occasional NEED for a truck or SUV (or in my case a Magnum R/T) for towing. I find it annoying that people are quick to point out how "nobody needs stupid SUV's", yet in some cases people actually do.

Gas mileage is important, though, so I traded my truck for a Magnum with the cylinder technology. This greatly improved mileage. I also ride motorcycles and we have a smaller engined Acura Integra, which make up most of our daily miles.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that I don't think it's a good idea to mandate some people's needs/wants based on what other people need/want. Just because one person may be fine with a Civic doesn't mean I can get by with one. I can't tow with a Civic, so it may be a second car for me.

I understand that this means someone will buy an SUV who really could get by better (and probably happier if they tried it) in a nice sedan or station wagon. I am ok with that as I believe they will pay for it at the pump. I also think the government should stop subsidizing fuel. Of course, they should stop taxing the hell out of it as well, which would probably end up with a draw. LOL