President Bush is content with letting his presidency be remembered for stretching the truth to get us into an economically and strategically harmful conflict in the Middle East. But he'll be damned if he'll be remembered for letting congress raise the corporate average fuel economy mandates to 35 mpg! The industry is raising standards on their own, anyways. Haven't the Dems seen the Hybrid Escalade?


Already, most of the major carmakers have said they felt the new standards would be a "stretch" and "difficult." The White House is also upset over a plan to roll back $16 billion in tax breaks for oil companies, who have clearly been suffering over the past few years. Where this might hit consumers is the possibility of reincentivizing the purchase of advanced technology through tax breaks. Of course, it's all still in the negotiation phase, so no one can be sure what's posturing and what's real.[Detroit News]

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