Late-night TV screens tuned into Sportscenter were filled a few years ago with images of an average suburban father and a pleased wife. Why were they so happy? "Smilin" Bob had a giant wang thanks to Enzyte. Or so really pathetic men were led to believe. Instead, the product apparently did nothing and the men behind the company were indicted for numerous charges of fraud and money laundering. Eventually, the company's owner was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Even his mom was convicted to two years, before being released on bond after giving up her home and money. Who's smilin' now? Having a flaccid Hyundai horn is unfortunate, but Mazarin thinks there's a cure.

Suffering from Auditory Projectile Dysfunction?

Auditory Projectile Dysfunction(or APD) is a weakening of the auditory membranes in your automobile's alert system. APD affects thousands of vehicles, just like yours and is not a battle you have to face alone. Get your power back with Decibelle. Decibelle for APD sufferers is an engineering breakthrough that replaces your worn out or ineffective unit with a powerful, yet comfortable tone to alert those around you that they're in the way - A tone that says, "Move for ME." Decibelle is not for those who already have augmented their alert systems. Decibelle may cause loss of hearing and abraised knuckles. In rare cases, application of Decibelle has caused heart attack, loss of breath, and loose stools. Consult your mechanic before application.

Is APD ruining your commute? Forge a clear path with Decibelle.