Commenter Of The Day: Remember, It Could Be Worse Edition

Those of you who spend a good deal of your time browsing Jalopnik may have noticed our commenting system has changed many, many times. Though we view (most of) these changes as improvements, there are occasionally grumbles from the commentariat about the system. Just remember it could be worse. This could be an unregulated forum. While many car forums (GM Inside News, Blue Oval News, Motive / VWVortex) on the net are well regulated and full of interesting discussions about various topics, there are quite a number of unregulated forums filled with adults masquerading as teenagers and teenagers masquerading as adults. They're as frightening as their conversations are tangential and full of animated gifs and vaguely racist comments. We're glad that this isn't that place and we're grateful to Dr. Danger for pointing out just what we could be in the Obama Limo post earlier today.


If you really want to fully appreciate it check out the actual animated version. [Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for MGM/Mirage]

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