Commenter Of The Day: Paul Wall Edition

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Of the more recent rappers to come out of Houston, Paul Wall may be the most entertaining. A member of Swishahouse Records, he's probably as well known for his jewelry as his chopped-and-screwed rapping style. He's one of the tastemakers behind grills, the blingtastic teeth coverings made of silver, gold, platinum and jewels. Wall owns a shop in Houston known for producing grills, often with princess cut diamonds, that cost up to $30,000 a piece. On Nelly's song grills you can hear him say "They should call me George Foreman, the way I'm selling grills." He also brags on Kanye's "Drive Slow" about his blinged-out CL Mercedes. We're not sure what he drove in high school, but we're guessing Scandavian Flick wouldn't approve of a Mustang.


From my experience and witness; any Mustang. The kids at my high school that got Mustangs were the most unskilled hooners you will meet, and the Mustang gave them too much power and ego to do it correctly.

Kids should have to work for their hooning. I started with a naturally aspirated Volvo 240DL, and dammit; I hooned that thing like a pro. I learned to milk that car for every rockford, every donut, and every ounce of tire smoke it could muster, and I never got in an accident with it that was my fault for the entire 6 years and 50k+ miles I put on it.

Amen, and that photo of Wall with two Hogan/Bolleas is fairly incriminating.

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