What's The Worst Car For A Teenager?

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In most states the age is 16 to get behind the wheel, which seems like a good idea until you meet the average 16-year-old. But some cars are better than others. What's the worst car for a teenager?


When it comes to awful cars for teenagers it's hard to top the Lamborghini LM002 or "Rambo Lambo." First, you shouldn't give a teenager a Lamborghini. Any Lamborghini. Second, don't give anyone under 18 not named Unser or Andretti a car with a V12. Third, it's big enough and heavy enough to kill someone else if the driver loses control. Fourth, it's a V12-powered SUV, the driver is going to lose control. Finally, unlike most Lamborghinis, there's actually room inside of it for teenagers to pick up their friends and do all sorts of unfortunate things. While we totally wanted one when we were 16, it would have resulted in us being the most popular drug drealer in High School.


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While any car is potentially lethal, I wish my mother-in-law still had her '83 Mercedes 300SD around. I'd love to have it as my son's first car (seeing that he's only 1, it will still be a while). Rendered in a lovely faded Butternut Yellow and sounding and accelerating like a Peterbuilt, that fine German tank is the perfect first car for the boy. Acres of sheetmetal. Slow, recirculating ball steering. Huge, ship-like steering wheel.

The only issue I see is the surplus of space for idiot friends. So to solve that, I would remove all the other seats and line the floors with scratchiest burlap I could find.