Commenter Of The Day: Page Six Edition

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They say you haven't really arrived in New York until you've made it into a certain tabloid. Which sells for less than a buck. And was founded by Alexander Hamilton. And is at least glanced at by just about everyone in town. And likes big headlines. Big loud headlines. This publication is fun, more fun much of the time that the Big Apple's more reputable "paper of record." The Jalopnik commentariat knows this. Which brings us to our COTD.

After Wert basically wrapped up our New York Auto Show caminogasm with his post earlier today on The New York Times's assessment of Pontiac's intro of its Down Under Ute to the U.S. market, the commentators started weighing in swiftly and decisively. This comment, from
Ω βгåғғ™ , takes the honors because it just hit the right note, with concision and wit:

I bet the NY Post loves this car...

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Jeff Glucker

Wow... I was too busy making photoshop Hakos to notice this prestigious honor... Thank you!

This makes 2, and I strive to win more...