New York Times Goes Negative On Jalopnik El Camino Campaign

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The New York Times's Lawrence "Lars" Ulrich took a swing at pithy commentary on the 2010 Pontiac G8 "El Camino" sport truck today, deciding to heap the bed full of liver-lilied liberalism and haterade. To wit:

"Who exactly was clamoring for a two-seat, gas-guzzling pickup with the cheapest-looking interior this side of a Motel 6?"


Who? Well, us for one. But we wouldn't expect Ulrich to understand anything about a vehicle...

...he misnames as the "Pontiac Sport Truck," forgetting those strong G8 roots. But he makes up for it with hackery like calling our beloved El Camino the "Like Hell Camino," the "Pontiac Wallaby" and the "Haulacious." Isn't that precious? It's like he studied at the school of me, but without the love of real cars. [New York Times]


Rob Emslie

He's just jealous because HE didn't get interviewed by cutie from [] for HIS opinion about what HE thinks is the coolest feature of the Ford Transit Connect Taxi.

By the way, what HE does think the coolest feature is is the chrome two-bar grill. That's like, real innovation right there, and makes a bold styling statement. He also calls it both "Cargo-tastic" and the Ford "Hell-yeahxi."