Context is very important. For instance, without context, the words "I'm going to put it in her brownie" could mean almost anything. Movie trailers, in particular, rely on enticing the viewer by withholding context. Whole scenes are moved around or spliced together to get someone to see a movie, even if it means selling a film as something it isn't. This has turned into a game, with people taking movies and recasting them in an entirely different genre. The most famous example of this is turning the film The Shining into a happy family film called Shining. Though we think the Quantum of Solace trailer is going where we think the film is going, JohnnyIchiban makes a good point.

You know, taken out of context, that whole

"How long have we got?

30 seconds."

bit with Wright and Craig could be misconstrued for more "flamboyant" Bond adventure


Not that there's anything wrong with that...

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