Quantum Of Solace Trailer Hits Web, Shows Off Hot Aston Martin Action

What's that? Sony Pictures released the first trailer of the upcoming James Bond flick "Quantum of Solace" today? Oh, they did it online for two hours only? Well, how about that buzz building. Also, it's a good thing we managed to snag it for you. With this 22nd entry into the world of Bond, we see James going out for revenge following the death of Vesper Lynd. And by revenge we mean the ass-kicking, bad guy-stabbing, motorcycle-jumping, Aston Martin DBS-racing kind of revenge. Yeah, the good kind. Hope that pretty Aston doesn't go into the drink... oops. [AOL Video and Sony Pictures]


Jeff Glucker

@SMG3er: if I was in that kind of shape, I would take my shirt off at work too...

"Hey Bob, did you finish up the Q3 report?"

"No problem boss... Let me rip through these 500 sit-ups and 1000 pushups and I will get it on your desk before lunch..."