While we're using COTD to talk about Houston rappers, it's probably the day to mention Mike Jones. He's one of the more commercially successful rappers to come out of Houston's famous Swishahouse. His first major studio album, "Who Is Mike Jones?" included such Houston hip hop all stars as Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Bun B. He gained a special notoriety for giving out his own cellphone number in songs and in person. If you wanted to reach Mike Jones you could just dial the rhythmic 281-330-8004. It was a successful marketing plan and a good way to communicate with fans as an up-and-coming artist. The number even landed on the pages of the New York Times. The spy shots of the poorly camouflaged BMW 7-Series Hybrid include a watermark from photographer Christian Wimmer that includes his email addy. This is common practice among spy photogs though, as SirNotAppearing mentions, there's maybe a downside to the practice.

Christian Wimmer, your inbox is about to be filled with comments about zombies, hookers, dragons, and things that will buff right out.

Welcome to a close approximation of the Jalopnik tips email, Christian.