The scariest John Carpenter film is not slasher Halloween, but Memoirs of an Invisible Man starring Chevy Chase and Daryl Hannah. The flick's about Chevy Chase accidentally becoming an invisible man and running away from the CIA. It's pretty ridiculous and the team of writers (led by William Goldman) and the great director combine to make something altogether horrible. It's also the worst Ralph Ellison adaption ever. We'd rather see a movie about the Dodge's invisible PETA Monkey, and as proof here's the invisible PETA monkey movie. But why unseen? Neener has a theory.

The idea of invisibility as a super power has a deep philosophical root.

It has been speculated that individuals that wish to become the 'Invisible Man' have a low self esteem, are ashamed of themselves or literally wish to disappear from the scrutiny of the public eye. It is a power that is associated with trickery, secrets and untrust. It is regarded as a negative super power.

Others speculate that there are many of us whom secretly desire the ability to become the invisible man even though publicly we might prefer another power such as flight or super strength. (Powers that are seen by the public as righteous and confident) The theory is that deep down inside we are utterly selfish and that the reason we would chose a more public power is that we are ashamed of our 'hidden' greed and selfishness.

With Dodge i just think they couldn't find any human actor that wanted to associate their face with the brand.

Neener, neener, neener.