We like long movies. We like movies others find boring. We'd like nothing more than to go back in time and see the original, ten hour cut of Erich von Stroheim's flim Greed. Still, we can't particularly stand Meet Joe Black, a remake of Death Takes A Holiday. The main knock against the film is that it's long. We disagree. It's just boring and three hours doesn't make it any better. There are unnecessary plot lines. Too many shots of Brad Pitt. Most of the cast does a commendable job (c'mon, Marcia Gay Hardin rocks), but what's the point? Maybe looking at Brad Pitt is the point, which is why the Russians are using him as a traffic cop. It seems to be working on Charles_Barrett.

Imagine my embarrassment... After reading this topic title, I just assumed that in Soviet Russia Brad Pitt pleasures himself while thinking of me...


Yeah, the downside of the "In Russia..." jokes.

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